Best Mattress Side Sleepers for happy nights:

It can be hard to pinpoint the right mattress for side sleepers with the number of brands and mattress styles out there. Although sleeping on your side has plenty of health benefits, it can lead to neck and back pains if you sleep on the wrong mattress. We have compiled a guide to the common problems faced by side sleepers, how to combat them, and how to find a mattress that fits your needs to help make your quest for a new bed a little easier.

These types of mattresses have an extended lifetime as opposed to spring mattresses and other mattresses. Here are the results we obtained for more mattress information from only resting. Selecting a bed is necessary during the process of furnishing a bedroom. Your spouse’s budget, your wish, and your expectation must be in the deliberations. After that, you found the best mattress is difficult if you agree to pay more for the prospective bed. To know more about these mattresses please visit the link below.

The Vaya Side Sleepers Mattress:

The Vaya mattress is a mattress with memory foam that is the most comfortable budget-friendly from our to mattress list. Made from just two of the layers, the design of the mattress ‘Vaya’ is a very much simple yet very effective product. The mattress “Vaya foam” so that it is the best mattress made up with open-cell quality foam, which, compared highly to its other conventional memory foam equivalent, is more breathable and sensitive. This type of design is particularly well for side sleepers, as it offers better shoulder area and hip area relief.

Only on Amazon market and online eBay will the Vaya mattress be available. Like the more luxury mattress brands, the business also offers the traditional sleepy night trial and mattress’s warranty. Overall, the quality Vaya foam is much cost-effective but without detrimental effects and impacts on the attractive design quality.


The cover of the Vaya is a material that is woven to enhance ventilation in a synthetic blend. Its extraordinary properties also help to wick away the body’s moisture, further aiding in temperature regulation. To conform to the mattress’s contouring, the fabric of the mattress itself is very smooth and plain to the touch and elongated. It is 2 inches thick and hard with the first two open-cell layer foam coats. This is one of the support layers that offers relief from pressure points with the help of conforming and detecting to the sleeper’s body. This layer effectively allows the area of shoulder and preferably the area of hip to freely sink in without misaligning the area of spine for people known as side sleepers. However, if you’re a heavyweight sleeper, to provide your body effective nutritional support, we’d purly suggest opting for a slightly and best firmer soft mattress.

An 8-inch thick high-density poly-foam is the second/ mattress layer within the soft Vaya quality mattress. This layer is a very firmer part of the layer that is able to provide the area of the hip and the area of the shoulder with perfect gentleness and perfect support as the body  sinks in. The construction of the bed as a collective review also sustains this base layer and increases its longevity.

Reasons to select this mattress:

The Vaya mattress’s medium firmness is excellent for people known as side sleepers, primarily because it is made up of open-cell quality foam. This foam’s style is more attractive and buoyant and sensitive but still softly conforming. It is difficult to beat the affordable price of this high quality mattress as well. Particularly given that you get virtually the same assurances and guarantees as you all would guarantee with any highly cost luxury brand.